End-to-end transmission, secure encryption
    hardware decoding and acceleration of video

    "Xfplay" is a free multimedia player based on P2P technology with powerful multi-format support and decoding capabilities. Support the function of hard decoding while playing below, It currently supports Android, iOS, windows and other systems, the unique P2P on-demand association (xfplay://), can greatly save bandwidth, realize side-by-side broadcasting, and improve software performance and unique user experience. The software is powerful, easy to operate; safe and non-toxic, so you can use it more assured and reliable.
    Powerful decoding
    multi-function playback
    With powerful multi-format support and decoding capabilities, Support more than 100 audio and video formats, Supports automatic loading of various subtitle files.
    Playing and hard decoding while playing below
    Wonderful video you want to watch, Innovative P2P on-demand technology, Play while downloading without waiting
    P2P cloud broadcasting
    high-definition smooth
    Play smooth P2P transmission, the more people watch the smoother, Enjoy HD viewing, Free to use, watch as you like
    Wireless transmission
    multi-terminal interaction
    The video can be passed through QR code or link, Fast transfer between mobile or computer, Convenient
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